Episode 54

How Catholics Can Serve People Who Experience Same-Sex Attraction


March 1st, 2018

44 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

Many people think there’s no place in the Catholic church for people who experience same-sex attraction. Others hope that the Church changes her teaching on this issue. Today’s interview with Fr. Philip Bochanski will introduce you to a ministry that is fully Catholic, fully pastoral, and spreading quickly in parishes across the world. This ministry, called Courage, seeks to understand its members’ experiences of same-sex attraction, anchor them in Christian community, and help them experience the joy that comes from a life of chastity. Listen and learn how Courage practically accomplishes this mission. Stay tuned till the end to hear Fr. Philip address questions from our listeners about transgender ministry, therapy that seeks to re-orient a person’s sexual attractions, and how to talk to Catholics who want to change Church teaching in this area.