Episode 7

More Than Grades: Evangelizing in the Classroom


March 24th, 2017

54 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

It’s one things to reach young people in the context of a youth group, where things are more casual and there’s no pressure on them “to perform.” But things are very different in the classroom, when grades and school drama can be at play. Stay tuned to hear strategies that Tom and Colin have used in their classrooms to evangelize their students.

Disclaimer: At Ascension, we are fully committed to the fullness of truth found in the Catholic faith. We also love that while adhering to certain unchangeable truths, Catholics of goodwill can hold and express an abundance of different perspectives and opinions. We want this podcast to be a forum where an open and candid exchange of these views can occur. As such, the views expressed by the guests on our show are their views and not necessarily those of Ascension.